jeudi 17 février 2011

I phone 4 me

The impact on your social status of your phone is paramount in Vietnam. Poor Nokia 500 will remain under estimated forever. If ones cannot afford a keypad with more than 12 digits, he is probably so mean to treat himself with the latest Blackberry or other trendy berries on the vaste market of cellphones.

The utmost gift for a girlfirend is the one from the crunched apple. A bit useless with the "very" fast connection available in Vietnam; nevermind, still it can receive calls. It tends to be more difficult to send text messages as the network is so competitive that operators seem to cut connections between them...

Anyway, either you are an I phone 4 or you pretend to be. I just have to look back in my wing mirror to remember the happy days without 3G...


My maid is a fussy cranky fanatic.

Not only the supersticious side of her character pushes her to overreact in front of any chinese patterns by jumping aside scared of old ghosts in the kitchen, the bedrooms and also the wardrobe - best known location for aliens or spirits - but also she tends to like the rightness of a quartz clock especially the 11:11 figure, to appreciate that the moves of the floorcloth follows the strict alignment of the tiles.
Her hair are not that pulled back, but I'm sure the color of the "chouchou" is distinctly selected according to match her viet pyjama.

When strictness creates pattern with my metrosexual equipment.